EnCaring for Windows PC / Laptop

Take care of those who always cared for you – With our Elderly Care App, you keep in touch with your your family via Live Video Call using your Smartphone, Tablet and/or Desktop.

EnCaring is a family care app that helps you to be close to, monitor, and take care of your loved ones. Companionship to the lives of elderly ones, distant relatives, and friends at home. It allows you to feel safe, knowing that you will be able to contact in case of emergency and help them by distance.
How to start using EnCaring (Install on 2 devices):
  1. First, install on an iPhone, iPad, or Mac – just keep your devices connected to the Internet.
  2. Set up one device as the camera station and the other as the receiver.
  3. Then, simply enjoy the ability to take care of your family in real-time. Present with you at home, and everywhere you go.
  4. Make sure your computer is not in Sleep Mode and maintain a stable internet connection (Wi-Fi recommended).
  • Free Full version for 7 days with the first download.
  • 8x Digital Video Zoom.
  • Live Video Call – Be a companionship to the life of the elderly even from distance!
  • Internet Phone Calls – Be right there for your family!
  • Push Notifications.
  • Monitor in case of emergencies – Take care of your family members.
  • High / Low-Resolution Video Switch.
If you have any problems or suggestions, please contact our technical support – support@encaring.com – We will be happy to assist you!
Only with your cooperation, we may make EnCaring better.
We remind you that the functionality of the application also depends on the quality and speed of your Internet connection.

By downloading the app you accept our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

Important Installation Information:
Our software is free of malware and signed with a Comodo Code Signing Certificate.At the Smart Screen Window click at “More Info” and you will see the credentials of our Code Signing Certificate

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